Ambarvale Public School

Learning to Live

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About our school

Ambarvale Public School is situated in the Campbelltown School Education Area, catering for students from diverse language, cultural and socio- economic backgrounds. Ambarvale Public School staff are committed to, and fully supported with, ongoing professional development to contribute to the school's goals and vision. Ambarvale Public school is a participant in the Priority Schools and National Partnerships programs to strengthen the school's overall Literacy and Numeracy programs to enhance student results. Quality programs operating at the school to support these literacy and numeracy initiatives include TEN, L3, Best Start and Reading Recovery. Ambarvale Public School's mission is to provide quality teaching and learning, focusing on all students achieving their potential, in a caring and inclusive environment. The school consists of ten mainstream and four support unit classes, and values equity and excellence in education, focusing on development of the whole child. Ambarvale Public School achieves its mission by: providing strong foundations in the six Key Learning Areas; assisting all students to achieve their best; promoting excellence at individual ability levels; developing self-esteem, independence and resilience; providing a safe, secure and caring environment; promoting the core values of integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility, cooperation, participation, care, fairness and democracy. The whole school community is valued as partners in the education process to support and enrich learning experiences and outcomes for our students. The school plays an important role in the community by providing solid foundations for students to 'Learn to Live'. We work together to promote quality public education and celebrate the successes of students, staff, and the whole school community

Ambarvale Public School is striving to establish a caring, educational environment for the school community. While this school always aims for excellence in learning, the welfare of students permeates all areas of classroom and school management. Children need to realise that caring is reciprocal; that the best can be gained from people who are motivated, interested and respected by those around them. Caring brings co-operation and the expectation that all are trying to do their best for each other and themselves in "learning to live". It is emphasised to the school community that all learning; from basic skills, to sport, to cultural activities, to social development and community values, is pursued with vigour. Having opportunities to participate and learn within all aspects of the curricula underline the ethos of the school.

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